I have experience teaching in a research university, a small liberal arts college, and a prison. In teaching I stress the development of habits of critical inquiry and skills of expression that can be put to use across the humanities and social sciences. When designing courses, I also value responsiveness to the particular interests and life experiences of my students. This calls for an open-minded attitude to canon formation and disciplinary boundaries. Finally, I believe that pedagogy should be thought about together with structural issues of education justice.


Courses Taught

Beloit College

  • Introduction to Political Thinking (Fall 2018, Spring 2019)
  • US Federal Government and Politics (Fall 2018)
  • Constitutional Law (Spring 2019)
  • Modern Political Thought: Consent, Progress, Power (Spring 2019)

Prison and Neighborhood Arts Project

Seminar courses for students incarcerated at Stateville Correctional Center.

  • The Meaning and Limits of Rights (Summer 2017)
  • The Meaning and Limits of Rights (Summer 2016, co-taught)
  • Theory and Event (Summer 2015)
  • Introduction to Political Theory in the American Context (Fall 2014, co-taught)

Read student essays from these classes here.